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AdvoLogix Setup: Timeline


The Matter Timeline is a chronological list of data related to a specific Matter. Examples would include Tasks, Events, Content, Time, Expenses, and so on. Timeline options allow your organization the ability to customize the Timeline.

The Timeline is derived at run-time and does not consume data objects.

Which Timeline properties can be customized?

  • Disable (Enable) a Standard object(s) from being displayed in the Timeline.
  • Add your own Custom object(s) to the Timeline.
  • Change the field mapping for the Date, Title, Status and User fields.

How can the Timeline be customized?

How can the Timeline be customized?
  1. Disable to remove the specified Standard record type from the Timeline.
  2. Remove to remove the specified Custom record type from the Timeline. 
  3. Edit to edit column mappings for Timeline viewer component.

    To add your own custom object:
  4. Select an Object to be added to Timeline.
  5. Click Add to Timeline to save mappings.

As of the AdvoLogix Spring 2016 release, in addition to Content, related Files will also be displayed when Content is enabled as a Timeline option.

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