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AdvoLogix Setup: Files and Content


The Files and Content setup area provides the settings needed to manage CRM Content and the AdvoLogix Files and Content Panel.

How can files and content be customized?

How can Files and Content be customized?


  1. Regarding the Files and Content panel, your organization has the choice of displaying either Salesforce Files, CRM Content or Both. When Content (or Both) is selected, the Tags column of the Files and Content panel will be replaced with the Library column.

  2. If Both is chosen as an option, which is the default for new uploads (Files or Content).

  3. Determines the default Library when adding new Content.

  4. By default, AdvoLogix posts newly added Content to the Matter's chatter feed. This functionality can be removed by activating this checkbox.

  5. Enables Google Drive as an option within Related Files lightning component properties. For more details follow this link.

  6. Provide your Google Drive Client ID. To setup and retrieve this follow this link.

To enable the Google Drive integration within your organization please contact [email protected]


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