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How do I create or edit an assignment rule set?

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New Rule Sets are created using the standard list-form navigation paradigm found throughout AdvoLogix. For example, using the New button from the Assignment Rule Set list tab.

Assignment Rule Set Property Fields

The first step will be to complete the Assignment Rule Set properties. These properties include the following: 

  • Name - This field is required and will be used in display lists (and elsewhere) to uniquely identify the Assignment Rule Set.
  • Base Object - This field selection represents an underlying object the assignments are to take place for. The default object is Matter but may be other object types such as Account, Contact or any custom object defined by your organization.
  • Status - This field can either be Active or Inactive. The default Status is Inactive.  Regardless of how you have chosen to invoke a rule set, setting this value to Inactive is a great way to prevent the rule set from running ((under any circumstance).
  • Category - This field is optional and may be useful for classification. Assignment Rule Set selection lists include a Category filter for quickly limiting the list of items to choose from.
  • Description - This field is optional and may be used to explain the intended use of the rule set.

Upon completing the Assignment Rule Set properties select the Rule Editor button to begin defining your Assignment Rules. For new rule sets (rules have not been previously defined) the New Assignment Rule wizard will step you through the process of getting started.

New Rule Set Wizard

For new Rule Sets, clicking the Rule Editor button will invoke the Assignment Rule Set wizard. This step-based dialog will quickly guide you through selecting the assignment and criteria columns needed for your rule set.

Step 1 - Select Assignment Fields
Select the fields you would like to assign a value when each rule is met.  Based on a typical use case, the most common selection for an assignment field would be the Owner ID. Other selections might an additional user and/or a status field.

Step 2 -Select Criteria Fields
Select the fields you would like to evaluate when determining an assignment.  Based on a typical use case, common selections for criteria fields might be the type, status and/or organizational unit.

Step 3 - Select Owner Assignment Email Templates
Select an email template to use when notifying the Owner of a new record assignment.  When the rule set applies an Owner assignment, this email template will notify the assignee they have been assigned "ownership" of the new record.

Step 4 - Select Additional User Assignment Email Template
Select an email template to use when notifying user assignments, other than the owner.  When the rule set applies a User assignment, this email template will notify the assignee they have been assigned to the new record. This template is used for any User assignment not designated as the owner.

Editing an Existing Rule Set

If a Rule Set has already been created, clicking the Rule Editor button will immediately launch the editor without going through the wizard. 

Testing a Rule Set

You may use the Test Rule Set button to easily test the Rule Set on a selected record from your base object. The test will be evaluated but no data will be changed. A preview dialog will report the "what if" impact of how the Rule Set would be applied, should it be deployed in a live scenario. No data will be changed during the test. 

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