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What are Assignment Rule Sets?


Assignment Rules automate and simplify the process of assigning new Matters (or other record types) to those members of your team with specific ownership responsibilities. Rules are grouped into Rule Sets and managed as a collection of mutually exclusive assignment criteria. 

What's an example use case for assignment rules?

A typical use case for an Assignment Rule Set would allow an organization to easily automate the business process stages to match their Matter workflow. As changes occur, progress flags and ownership responsibility can be automatically assessed and moved to the next phase.

When are assignment rules used?

Assignment Rule Sets may be automatically evaluated when a Matter is changed or added. In addition, these rules may optionally be evaluated on-demand (by an end user) while in context with a Matter. When the assignment changes a Matter assignee, you may choose to automatically notify the user using one of your organization's existing email templates.

What are the key terms I should understand?

Assignment Rule Set

An Assignment Rule Set is a group of Assignment Rules that collectively perform an assignment based on the defined criteria for the rule set.

Assignment Rule

Assignment Rules consist of a list of fields the rule should assign a value to (Assignment) and conditioned (Criteria) used to determine when the assignments should take place.


Assignments can be one of three types: 

  1. Record Owner 
  2. Record User
  3. Field Value


Criteria is used to define when the rule assignment should be made.

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