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How do I start a new Conflict Check?


A new Conflict Check can be initiated manually (by an end user) or through an automation process such as process builder. This article explores the user experience options for a starting a new Conflict Check. 

Record Availability Considerations

A Conflict Check search is executed within the record level security constraints of the active user. If the active user has record level security restrictions the search results may be restricted.

1. New Conflict Check Global Action

The Conflict Check global action is the quickest way for an AdvoLogix user to initiate a Conflict Check. 

  1. Select the Conflict Check global action. 
  2. Type a Search Term, optionally enter a Description and Matter. 
  3. Click the Initiate Search button.

2. Using the New Button from the Conflict Check List Views

There are two Conflict Check list views; the primary Conflict Check tab view and the Conflict Check related list on the Matter. A new Conflict Check can be initiated form either list view using the New button.

  1. Click the New button from the list view.
  2. Complete the Conflict Check form.
  3. Select the form's Results tab to view the results of the Conflict Check search.

3. Using the Batch Conflict Check

The Batch Conflict Check feature allows organizations to quickly execute multiple conflict checks simultaneously. This feature provides the ability to enter multiple search terms from within a single user experience.

4. Other Ways to Initiate a Conflict Check

When appropriate, we encourage organizations to consider automating the Conflict Check process. Please see this article for more information on customizing and automating the Conflict Check process in ways that fit your unique business process.

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