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Focus Matters (legacy)


This information applies to the Focus Matters functionality available in the Classic user interface. Please see this article for details regarding Focus Matters functionality within Lightning Experience.

Prior to the AdvoLogix Spring 2017 release Focus Matters was referred to as My Matters.

How do I access Focus Matters in the Classic user experience?

The Focus Matters can be accessed in the Classic user interface following ways:

  • Used as a home page component.
    Note: Due to platform restrictions AdvoLogix is unable to rename the home page component to Focus Matters. The Classic home page component will remain labeled My Matters.
  • Opened from the Visualforce tab labeled Focus Matters.
  • Opened from a sidebar shortcut.

What functions can I perform within the home page component?

What functions can I perform in My Matters?
  1. Edit the selected Matter
  2. View the selected Matter
  3. View the selected Account (or any linked record)
  4. Search Focus Matters
  5. Sort the list 
  6. Select the number of records to display on each page of the list.

What functions can I perform within the Visualforce tab?

The Visualforce tab offers the same functionality as the home page component with the additional functionality:

  1. The Focus Matters list can be dynamically reformatted using the same list views found on the primary Matter List. Using a Matter list view will inherit the column format and filter settings defined in the view.
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