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Timekeeper Easy Add Function on Rates

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Timekeeper Easy Add feature on Rates allow you to add a timekeeper along with a rate very easily.

Choose the Desired Rate

Click the Rate Name of the rate you wish to add a Timekeeper & Role to

Click Timekeeper Easy Add Button

Click the Timekeeper Easy Add button on the Rates detail view.

If you don't see this button on the Rate detail view, contact your organization's System Administrator to add the action button to Rates layout. For more details, follow here.

Navigating the Timekeeper Easy Add Wizard

  • STEP 1 - Select a Timekeeper from the list.

  • STEP 2 - Select a Role from the list.

  • STEP 3 - Update or change any value as needed on the pre-filled Rates Edit form opened and Click Save to save the Timekeeper & Role information to the Rate.

How to Add Timekeeper Easy Add button to Rate view

Proceed with steps highlighted below to add the Timekeeper Easy Add action button to the rate page layout.

  • Go to Salesforce Setup | Object Manager | Rates.
  • On the Rates object view select Page Layouts from the sidebar.
  • Edit the desired Page Layout where you need this action button be added to.
  • Select Mobile & Lightning Actions within the Page Layout Editor.
  • Search for Timekeeper Easy Add action, and drag-n-drop the action within the section labelled as Salesforce Mobile & Lightning Experience Actions.
  • Click Save on the Page Layout Editor.
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