AdvoLogix Matter Management

Matter Search API Call


The Matter Search API call allows administrators to search a specified object (or group of objects) related to a Matter. Otherwise, the search works in the exact way as searching from the AdvoLogix Matter Search button.

URL Syntax:
/apex/advpm__SearchResults?id=<Matter ID>&nm=<Matter Name>&stsr=<Search Text>&stob=advpm__Matter__c&srch_only=<Object Name List> 

URL Parameters:

  • id
    Pass Matter ID merge variable. (id={!advpm__Matter__c.Id}
  • nm
    Pass Matter Name variable. (nm={!advpm__Matter__c.Name}
  • stsr
    Pass a Search Term string for search results. (stsr=search test string
  • stob
    Always be passed as advpm__Matter__c. (stob=advpm__Matter__c
  • srch_only
    Pass a list of Object API names seperated with a comma. (srch_only=Note,advpm__Participant__c,advpm__Time__c)

Example: = '/apex/advpm__SearchResults?id={!advpm__Matter__c.Id}&nm={!advpm__Matter__c.Name}&stsr=search text here&stob=advpm__Matter__c&srch_only=Note,advpm__Participant__c';

Example Using a Button from the Matter Context

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