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AdvoLogix provides a Profile View Lightning component to easily access profile metrics and assign them to any user, contact, timekeeper, or participant within your organization. This component showcases all skills, specializations, education, and certifications, along with related performance reviews, in a single view.

The information available to view and manage within the Profile View component:

  • Profile Details: Key information related to your profile at a glance.

  • Skills: All of the related skills associated with your profile.

  • Specializations: All of the related specializations associated with your profile.

  • Education & Certifications: All related education and certifications are associated with your profile.

  • Performance Reviews: All of the performance reviews received on the matters associated with your profile.

  • Participants: All related participants associated with the Contact or User of your profile.

To control what information is displayed within the Profile Details section, use the field set labeled as fieldSet_Profile and move the fields as needed.

The related lists displayed within the profile view use the AdvoLogix Enhanced List component. Your users can customize columns within each list using the list builder.

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