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Participation Map (legacy)

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The Participation Map graphically explores the relationship a Matter's Participants might share to other Matters. For example, a particular Expert on the underlying case may appear on other Matters, with or without the same role.

The Participation Map launch button is available at the top of the Matter page.

The information in this article applies to the Participation Map functionality available in the Classic user experience.  Please see this article for details regarding the functionality in Lightning.

Working with Map Nodes

Context Menu

A context menu is revealed when right-clicking on a node icon in the map. There are three options on this menu:

  • Open: will open the page layout for the selected record.
  • Set Focus: opens a new map view with the selected node as the central focus of the map.
  • Collapse/Expand: collapses or expands the selected node. (see below)

Collapsing Nodes

When a node has child relationships it can be collapsed for improved readability. Collapsing the node will hide the children of the node. Expanding will revert back to displaying the children. Clicking the node has the same effect as selecting these options from the context menu.

When collapsed, the child nodes are hidden and the collapsed state is identified by a small circle at approximately one o'clock.

When a node has 10 or more children it will automatically be collapsed when the map is initially displayed. This improves map visibility for densely populated Participant groups.

Participation Map Display Controls

The following options are available when viewing the Participation Map:

  1. Maximize the browser's display viewing area. 
  2. Toggle to the list view mode.
  3. Toggle to the map view mode.
  4. Select the type of Participants and Roles to display (see filtering below).

Filtering the Display

Participants have two categories, Type and Role. By default, the Participation map displays all participant types and all participant roles. Depending on your analysis, you may find it useful to display only specific participant types and/or roles. By default, all are shown.

These defaults can be adjusted by using the map's context menu found in the upper right-hand corner. To adjust the items displayed simply check on or check off the desired element. 

For improved readability, you may reduce the amount of text displayed by removing the on-screen names using the Label checkbox located next to each element.

Invoking the Participation Map from Accounts, Contacts and Users

The Participation Map has been extended to support viewing participation from not only the Matter perspective but also from the Account, Contact and User perspective. This allows your organization to quickly visualize the Matters a particular Contact, User and Account are related to. And the other relationships associated with those entities.

Viewing the map from their perspective can be invoked by using the map node's context menu. AdvoLogix also includes Participation Map buttons for the Account, Contact and User page layouts.


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