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AdvoLogix provides the ability to easily manage your matter or timekeeper rates within your organization. The Rates Viewer lightning component allows you to create and setup rates rather easily and visualize them in context of matters or timekeepers in a simplified user experience.

AdvoLogix recommends using the Rates Viewer component instead of the Rates related list. Our custom component does not fully replace the related list, however, it provides more control in a customized way for end users that the standard related list does not like visualing your rates grouped by the timekeeper and matters.

AdvoLogix Rates Viewer lightning component supports following lightning page types:

  • Lightning App Page - When displayed within a lightning app page, the information displayed within the component is across all rates within your organization.
  • Lightning Record Page - When displayed within a lightning record page, the information displayed within the component is across all rates in context of your matter or your timekeeper.
  • Lightning Community Page - When displayed within a lightning community page, the information displayed within the component is across all rates in context of your matter or your timekeeper (when put within a record detail page) or all rates within your organization that your community user has access to (when put within a community app page without any record context).

Rates Viewer lightning component can be placed under a record context only within Matter and Timekeeper based lightning record pages.

Rates Viewer Component Overview

  1. Timekeeper Easy Add action button allows you to create a new rates with ability to create a new timekeeper/contact or use an existing timekeeper/contact.
  2. All Timekeepers/All Matters grouping allows you to visualize your rates as they are grouped by respective entity. All Timekeepers tab shows your matter rates grouped by timekeepers and All Matters tab shows your timekeeper rates grouped by matters.
  3. Rates table grid view displays your columns across timekeepers, matters and respective rates. The columns displayed within each tab can be customized to add or remove your chosen columns instead using 2 fieldsets within rates object:
    • fieldSet_ratesByTimekeepers
    • fieldSet_ratesByMatters
  4. Action row allows you to view actions related to your rate like ability to open detail view of the rate, or edit rate, or delete rate. Following actions are visible under reach rate row with the grid:
    • View - To view details of the rate.
    • Edit - To edit details of the rate.
    • Delete - To delete the rate.


The two fields that allows customizing rates grid view allow choosing fields from rates object as well as from relational data fields related to your rates as well, such as, displaying timekeeper information or matter information alongside the rates.

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