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Introduction to Conflict Checks⚡

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Although AdvoLogix provides an excellent ecosystem in which to manage your organization's conflict of interest requirements, the Conflict Check feature is designed to aid the process through a centralized and cohesive user experience and work space. 

The Conflict Check feature is available in Lightning Experience only.

1. Conflict Check Overview

The Conflict Check searches within AdvoLogix data for a specific search term, usually an entity name. Presumably a potential conflict may arise should the entity name be found within your AdvoLogix Contacts, Accounts and/or Participant records. The conflict search and accompanying results are memorialized and maintained within the context of a Matter providing a unique work space for managing a unique conflict check while simultaneously memorializing a reference audit trail.  The steps related to managing Conflict Checks are:

  • Initiate a New Conflict Check
  • Review the Conflict Check Search Results
  • Collaborate with Others as Needed
  • Assign Related Activities as Needed
  • Assign the Final Conflict Check Status

It is important to note multiple Conflict Checks may be executed and memorialized for a given Matter. For this reason consider adding the Conflict Check related list to your Matter's page layout.

2. Initiating a New Conflict Check

A new Conflict Check can be created or initiated in a variety of ways. Users may opt to create a new Conflict Check in the following ways:

  • Manually via the New button found on the Conflict Check tab, list view or global action.
  • Using business process automation techniques such as Process Builder or object triggers.
  • Programmatically using the AdvoLogix integration API.   
  • Using the Batch Conflict Check feature. 

Please see this article for more information on creating a new Conflict Check.

3. Reviewing the Conflict Check Search Results

When a new Conflict Check is created, an indexed data search is performed on the Conflict Check search term. The search process identifies potential conflicts within the search results. The search results are itemized with the ability to refer to the underlying conflict source, assign a status, and add commentary.

Please see this article for more information on managing the Conflict Check search results.

4. Conflict Check Collaboration and Task Management

Organizational collaboration and task management can be facilitated and managed in-context with the Conflict Check. Each Conflict Check displays a Chatter and Activities tab alongside the Conflict Check (Tasks and/or Events).

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