AdvoLogix Matter Management

Validate Matter Aggregates


The Validate Matter Aggregates process confirms the accuracy of two Matter aggregate fields: Total Time and Total Time Amount. This process ensures these fields are in balance with the Time assigned to each Matter in your system. 

This process will normally be performed when directed by AdvoLogix technical support. It may also be useful when your organization is required to disable the Time triggers for a mass data import.

Are there prerequisites for completing this process?

  • Under most circumstances this process is performed by your AdvoLogix Administrator.
  • If your organization has workflow rules that use the aggregate Matter fields, be advised the value of these fields may be changed during this process. 
  • For organizations with an extremely large number of Time records, this process may take considerable time to run.

How is the validation process initiated?

How is the validation process initiated?

A link to Validate Aggregates is available from the Quick Links section of the AdvoLogix Setup Overview.

What happens during the validation process?

  1. The first step analyzes your data for any unbalanced aggregate. 

  2. The aggregates are then compared to the sum of their related Time records. 

  3. If an aggregate is out of balance, you will have an opportunity to review any changes before the aggregates are corrected. 

  4. Should any Matters be out of balance, a list will be posted to your chatter feed and also displayed on the dialog.

  5. You may review the Matters out of balance and then press the Update Aggregates button to finish updating the Matters with the correct totals.


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