AdvoLogix Matter Management

Mass Emailing from the Matter List

Updated Sep 30, 2019

Emails may be sent from the matter list to a specific contact lookup for the underlying selected matters.

Launching a Mass Email from the Matter List

Sending the mass email is initiated by first tagging the matters for which an underlying contact will receive the email. After the matters have been selected, use the Mass Email button to launch the mass email wizard.

Completing the Mass Email Wizard

Step 1 - Send To and Email Sender

Send To 
Select the contact lookup field to which the mass email should be sent. For matters, this is will commonly be the Primary Contact however any contact field may be selected. Keep in mind the contact limitations for sending email identified here.

Email Sender
The sender is defaulted to the logged in user but may be changed to an alternate sender identified in the organizations approved sender list.

Step 2 - Select an Email Template

Choose the desired email template. Keep in mind, when tracking is enabled,  only Lightning Templates support the ability to track email. For convenience the selected email template is automatically previewed below the selection.

Step 3 - Review Your Options

Use the review dialog to affirm your mass email options. When satisfied with the choices use the Send Now button to initiate the mass email.

Step 4 - Confirmation

The confirmation dialog will confirm the mass email was initiated and/or any errors have been reported.

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