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Matter Intake Form (legacy)

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Changes for AdvoLogix Summer 18

The addition of the new AdvoLogix Intake Designer eliminates the need for this optional add-on.

In some cases the standard Matter data entry screen in AdvoLogix may not meet your organization's specific needs.  The Matter Intake Form can be customized to meet your organization's specific needs. 

This form is designed using Visualforce, a component-based user interface framework for the platform and distributed as an unmanaged package. This allows your organization to modify the form to suite your specific needs. AdvoLogix updates will not overwrite your modifications. That also means you can copy and modify these forms to create additional forms to meet a variety of your needs. 

(new in AdvoLogix Spring 2017)

All-in-One: Account, Contact, and Matter Intake

This form is designed to allow your users to quickly create a new engagement in AdvoLogix. The form provides the capability to add a New Account (client), Contact and Matter in a unified user experience. Users are not required to enter a new Account or Contact and may optionally select an existing Account or Contact or simply choose to assign them later.

The modular design of this form allows you to remove or add major sections to suite your specific need. For instance you can easily remove the Account or Contact sections.

After installation, you can edit this form in your AdvoLogix environment using the built-in Visualforce design and development environment. Please contact AdvoLogix technical support if you would to install this optional package.

Intake Form Implementation Instructions

Suggested Intake Form Invocation Options

As a Visualforce page, user access to the Matter Intake form may be implemented in a variety of ways. The most commons methods are:

  • A sidebar custom menu link.
  • A button on the Account and/or Contact page layout.

Intake Form Invocation Examples

The URL to invoke the Matter Intake Form. 



  • your-org-instance is the instance name where the underlying form is deployed
  • accid={!Account.Id} is an example optional parameter to pass the default Account

Optional URL Parameters include:

  • hs=1  
    to hide the sidebar

  • hh=1  
    to hide the header and the sidebar

  • conid={!Contact.Id}
    Will pre-populate the Primary Contact (useful when invoking the form from the context of a Contact)

  • accid={!Account.Id}  
    Will pre-populate Primary Account (useful when invoking the form from the context of an Account or Contact)

Customizing the Matter Intake Form

As previously stated, the intake form is based on the Visualforce user interface framework and can be modified to suite your specific needs. You can access and edit the form via the platform setup menu: 

  1. Setup | Develop | Visualforce Pages  
  2. Then choose Edit next to the Visualforce Page labeled MatterIntake.

Consider using the Clone option to create a copy of the original form before you begin making changes. Consider naming the copy something like MatterIntakeBackup. This will ensure you have a reference to the original version should it be needed.

Helpful Hints Embedded in the Intake Form's Visualforce

We have included several hints within the body of the Visualforce to help guide your modifications. These hints are in the form of Visualforce comments and will aid in quickly finding various sections of the page layout. The following examples are included:

<!-- MARKUP: Account section content -->

This hint identifies the beginning of the Account section of the form.

<!-- MARKUP: Account section allowing selection of existing Account -->

This hint identifies the section where an existing Account can be selected via lookup.

 <!-- Single Row + Single Column display of form field -->

This hint identifies a single column row.  (used for looking up an existing Account)

 <!-- MARKUP: Account section allowing creation of new Account -->

This hint identifies the beginning of the Account field entry. (when creating a new Account)

<!-- Single Row + Two Column display of form fields -->

This hint identifies the beginning of a row of two columns.

<!-- Column 1 form field -->

This hint identifies the beginning of a field in column one (the left side of the page).

<!-- Form field Label -->

This hint identifies the input field's label within a field area.

 <!-- Form inputField -->

This hint identifies the input field's field name within a field area.

<!-- AdvoLogix System Code: DO NOT MODIFY -->

This hint identifies a small section at the end of the page that should not be modified.

Adding Required Custom Fields to the Intake

If you have modified the intake page to include a required custom field you will need to consider updating the intake form's controller class to handle error reporting when the field is left blank.

Matter Intake Release Notes

Version 1.6.0 - Added the ability to use Visualforce page names other than MatterIntake. Previously, when using a Visualforce page other than MatterIntake, the user was redirected back to the original MatterIntake form as opposed to the customized form name (other than MatterIntake).

Updating the Matter Intake Unmanaed Package

Please feel free to reach out to AdvoLogix support if you need assistance with this process.

The Matter Intake is optional and not part of the standard AdvoLogix installation. This allows the und users to customize for their specific needs.  Future AdvoLogix updates cannot and will not modify the changes to your intake forms. 

Should you need to install an update for the Matter Intake package, your organization must first uninstall and then reinstall the new version. If your organization has not made changes to the Matter Intake the process is as simple as uninstalling and reinstalling the Matter Intake package. On the other hand, if your organization  has made changes to the Matter Intake, you will need to preserve those customizations before uninstalling and then reapply the customizations after re-installation.

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