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Batch Time Entry ⚡

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Batch Time Entry provides the ability to quickly enter several time entries from a single dialog. This method works especially well when adding multiple records for the same timekeeper and/or the same matter.

The information in this article applies to the batch time functionality available in lightning experience. Please see this article for details regarding the classic user experience.

  1. Ability to remove a row by selecting the  x button.
  2. Add a new row by selecting the  + button.
  3. The Total Time Badge summarizes the total amount entered for all entries in the header.
  4. Save or Reset the batch time form by selecting the appropriate button.

*Please Note* If default Rates have been established, the time entry rate will automatically populate in the background.

How do I manage the columns on the form?

The changes made in the list builder are for the user only and will not affect other users of your organization. To configure the columns globally, please follow this link.

The Configuration Menu allows the user to use the List Builder to customize the columns to be displayed in batch time.

Different fields can be added to the form by selecting the + button (1) and the user can make the field required by toggling on the slide button (2).  The Selected Columns (3) show the fields and their order on the batch time form.  A user can change the order of the fields by using the up and down arrows (4) to the right.

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