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Use the Timekeeper Checkbox on the User Page Layout

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The Create Timekeeper checkbox is used to automatically create a Timekeeper record when a user is created or edited - where as upon save, that user has a Timekeeper created for them - to be utilized in the AdvoLogix Time entry functionality.  There are two options for accessing this checkbox field.

Option 1: Set the 'AdvoLogix User Layout' as the Default

Option 1: Set 'Advologix USER Layout' as default User Layout

Select the Page Layout Assignment button at the top of the page.  Then select the Edit Assignment button and choose the profiles you would like to assign to this layout.

Option 2: Add the 'Create Timekeeper' Checkbox to an Existing User Layout

Option 2: Adding 'Create Timekeeper' to Your Customized User Layout

On the User Page Layout list page, select the Edit hyperlink next to the name of the customized user page layout.  Drag-and-drop the Create Timekeeper checkbox field onto the the Additional Information section of  the user page layout and select Save.

Now when creating users for your AdvoLogix package; the Create Timekeeper checkbox field will be available on the customized user page layout to facilitate the functionality for auto-creation of the Timekeeper.

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