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Introduction to Transactions

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AdvoLogix provides a complete view within your estimates and actuals using a singular transactions data object. This is a system-driven object that AdvoLogix maintains for the purpose of developing enhanced reporting to visualize estimates vs actuals data within your organizations around your matters.

How do I access the transactions data?

  • Go to App Launcher menu from the navigation bar.
  • Search for and click on the Transactions tab.

If the Transactions tab is not visible in app launcher menu, then please contact your system administrator and request to make the Transactions tab visible to your user.

What is the data model of transactions object?

The transactions object maintains a singular version of data from various other object sources. The objective of combining data sources here is to be able to make itself an effective reporting data source to visualize your estimates and actuals around your matters.

The transactions data model combines data from the following data sources:

  • Time
  • Expenses
  • Budgets
  • Budget Details
  • Invoice Line Items *
  • Accruals *
  • Accounts
  • Matters
  • UTBMS Codes
  • Timekeepers
    *Only available as part of the Spend Management application.

How frequently is the data updated within transactions reporting?

AdvoLogix maintains the data within transactions as part of an automated script that runs on a daily basis at midnight within your organization.

Since the transactions data is updated only once a day (at midnight), the reports based on this object will not include data updates, additions or deletions for present day.

How do I manually refresh the transactions data?

AdvoLogix has built a manual override to refresh your transactions data manually, which allows you to get the updates for the present day data changes within your organization within minutes. To refresh data manually, follow these steps:

  1. Go to All Tabs App Launcher menu from navigation bar.
  2. Search for and click Transactions tab.
  3. Click the Refresh Transactions button.

If the Refresh Transactions button is not visible on the Transactions tab, then ask your system administrator to add the button to your Search List View layouts within the Object Manager > Transactions.

How do I turn-off transactions data collection?

Transactions data collection can be stopped by disabling AdvoLogix enhanced reporting. You can follow these steps to disable this service.

  • Go to All Tabs App Launcher menu from navigation bar.
  • Search for and click AdvoLogix Setup tab.
  • Click Reporting from the sidebar.
  • Edit and uncheck Enable enhanced reporting for Actuals and Estimates.
  • Click Save.
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