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Matter Gantt (legacy)

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The information in this article applies to the Matter Gantt functionality available in the Classic user experience. Please see this article for details regarding Gantt View functionality available in Lightning Experience.

The AdvoLogix Matter Gantt displays the Matter schedule in a tabular format that includes a perpetual horizontal timeline in bar format across the top of the display. Scheduled activities and key matter dates are displayed and available for edit using the techniques described in this article.

Organizational Context

Organizational Context

When used in an organizational context, the Matter Gantt can display Tasks, Events and Key Dates for multiple Matters. Activities and Key Dates are selected for display based on filters and options found across the top of the display. The global context includes the following unique filters:

  • Date Range: Use the date range to limit the scope of information to a usable amount.

  • Matter: Use this option to quickly work with a specific Matter.

  • Timekeeper: Use this option to work with Activities assigned to a specified Timekeeper.

  • When changing a filter value make sure to click the Refresh button to redisplay the Gantt.

The Matter Gantt can be launched from the additional tabs menu option. If you plan to use this option on an ongoing basis you'll want to consider making it directly accessible. Consider adding the Tab to your application menu or sidebar shortcuts.

Single Matter Context

Single Matter Context
  • When used in Matter context, the Matter Gantt can be docked inside the Matter page layout confining it's content to the current Matter only.

  • Activities (events, tasks) and Key Dates are selected for display based on options found across the top of the display.

  • In Single Matter Context, the Matter Gantt is available from the Matter Planner or by adding the the Visualforce component to the Matter's page layout.

Using the Gantt

1. Activities Menu

  • Tasks: Displays Tasks when enabled.
  • Events: Displays Events when enabled.
  • My Activities Only: Displays only Activities assigned to the logged-in user.
  • Hide Completed Tasks: Does not display completed Tasks.


2. Matters Menu (single matter context)

  • Key Dates: Displays Matter Key Dates when enabled.
  • Include Related Matters: Displays Key Dates from related Matters when enabled.


3. Matters Menu (organizational context) 

  • Key Dates: Displays Matter Key Dates when enabled.
  • Focus Matters Only: Displays information only for Matters qualified in the user's Focus Matters list.
  • Use List Filter: When enabled, allows the user to select a Matter list view filter. This allows users the ability to display only those items related to Matters which meet the criteria of the list view's filter. (new in Summer 2016)


The Activity List

The Activity List
  1. Click the square of color next to the Activity to automatically scroll the chronology bar to the selected Activity.

  2. Click the description to open the Activity Edit form.

Drag and Drop Date Changes

Drag and Drop Date Changes
  1. Drag a cell to a new date to update the underlying record date.

  2. Use the left or right drag to adjust the start date or stop dates of a Task record.


Navigating the Gantt

The date ranges viewed across the top of the Gantt can be navigated using the following methods:

  • Use the toolbar buttons to navigate backward and forward in time.

  • Use the home button to reset to the initial chronology.

  • Use the mouse scroll wheel to navigate backward and forward in time.


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