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A Participant can be an account, contact, user/staff, or other related to a specific matter by the role they play in the engagement. By appropriately managing matter participants, organizations can easily identify the variety of business relationships among the entities they conduct business. 

A related list is defined as a section of a record or other detail page that lists items related to that record.  The participant related list is a visual representation of the relationship between the matter and the participant.

In lightning, the related list can be found on a tab on the matter record page layout.

All list views can be found on the Related List Quick links component.  If you hover your mouse over the Participants link, the standard related list will pop-up.

Create a Participant

  1. Select the New button
  2. Choose the record type
  3. Complete the Participant form
  4. Select Save

For more information on Participants, please follow this link.

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