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Using an Enhanced List

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When an Enhanced List is placed on a lightning page, the list displays default columns. With the list builder, the enhanced list can be customized by:

  • Choosing the columns to be displayed.
  • Marking the fields as required.
  • Creating advanced filters for the list.

The List Builder (within an Enhanced List) is available to all users.

1. Enhanced List Available Actions

The toolbar allows users to take a variety of actions:

  1. The Search input allows users to quickly search through the list of records based on the columns that are displayed. 
  2. The New action button allows users to create a new record.
  3. The Enhanced List action menu contains action items that allow modifications to the enhanced list.
  4. The Refresh button allows users to quickly refresh the enhanced list and get the latest data records.
  5. The Filters button allows users to quickly view applied and configured filters on the enhanced list.
  6. The column resize button allows users to resize columns within the enhanced list.
  7. The column header action menu allows users to apply certain actions within the respective column's data.
  8. The row action menu allows users to take actions for respective records displayed in the list.
  9. The list menu allows users to quickly switch between multiple lists that exist within the object. Choosing a list updates the display columns and filters automatically for the enhanced list.
    (The list selection does not support reading record ownership scope information from the list, for example, if your list is configured to display My records or My team's records, then that information is not supported within enhanced list presently.)

1.1. Enhanced List Control Menu

The control option menu allows users to control the layout and content of the enhanced list.

  1. List Builder - Configures the enhanced list and controls the columns that are displayed; as well as customizes filters to be applied to the data that is shown in the enhanced list.
  2. Reset List Configuration - Resets the enhanced list configuration back to the default configuration and users can re-build the enhanced list.

1.2. Filters

Edit Filters - Adjusts the filters that are applied to the list. If an enhanced list has filters applied, then the button is shown with the selected theme.

2. Working With the Data in the List

2.1. Header Actions

  1. The Wrap text action will allow the text to continue onto multiple lines within the column.
  2. The Clip text action displays the text clipped to fit the column width.

2.2. Row Actions

  1. View - Opens the record's detail view.
  2. Edit - Allows users to edit the record.
  3. Delete - Allows users to delete the record.

The View context menu action is available if the name field for the object configured in the enhanced list is not currently being displayed as a column.

Some known limitations exist when using the enhanced list on any page:

  • Multi-picklist fields are not available for filtering within the list builder.
  • Multi-picklist fields do not display within the constraints of a column properly.
  • The in-line search text box (in the enhanced list) does not support searching within lookup fields.
  • The New button does not pre-fill source object field value if the object has a custom form overriding the New action.
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