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How do I create a new profile?

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The primary function of a profile is to allow you to manage and associate your staff's skills, specializations, and educational information along with the delivered performance review information available at a glance.

A new profile can be created from the Profiles tab or from the Profiles related list in the respective contact or user records. The data entries for profiles are explained below:

  1. Select a Contact or User: You should be able to select any contact or user from which this profile is supposed to be generated within your organization. A contact or user must be selected, and neither value can be provided for a single profile.

  2. Details: Provide characteristics that explain the related details associated with the profile.
    • Name: AdvoLogix will automatically populate this value from the selected contact or user record.
    • ID: AdvoLogix will automatically generate a unique ID for your profile.
    • Status: Select the current status of your profile.
    • Account: AdvoLogix will automatically populate the account from the selected contact record of your profile.
    • Total Matters Handled: This metric is displayed in your profile view and shows the number of matters this profile has participated in.
    • Total Hours Billed: This metric is displayed in your profile view and shows the number of hours this profile has logged for various matters.
    • Average Rating: This metric is displayed on your profile view and shows the average rating from all the performance reviews this profile has received across different matters.

  3. Bio: Provide a brief description of your profile here.
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