AdvoLogix Matter Management

Introduction to Focus Matters

Updated Feb 25, 2020

Focus Matters is a list of Matters exclusively relevant to the current logged in AdvoLogix user and is derived from the user's relationship to the Matter. The Matter relationship criteria can be customized and is generally defined by record ownership or Matter participation.

Prior to the AdvoLogix Spring 2017 release Focus Matters was referred to as My Matters.

What criteria are used to determine Focus Matters?

Qualification for a Matter to appear in the current user's Focus Matters list is determined by two factors and is established in AdvoLogix Settings: Focus Matters. Your organization will use one or more of these criteria to determine how My Matters are selected for this list.

  1. The active User is the Owner of the underlying Matter record.
  2. The active User has been added to the list of Participants associated with the underlying Matter.

Can I change the fields displayed in Focus Matters?

The columns in the Focus Matters list are determined by the content of the fieldSet_FocusMatters. This field set can be modified from the Matter object in the platform setup area. 

Follow these steps to modify the field set:

  1. Go to Setup | Create (Classic) | Objects
  2. Select Matter
  3. Select Field Sets (from the top row of related list links)
  4. Select Edit next to the field set named fieldSet_FocusMatters
  5. Use the field set editor to drag fields in to and out of the list

Where can I access Focus Matters?

Depending on the active user interface Focus Matters may be accessed in the following ways:

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