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How do I send an email within the Matter Management application?

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To send an email from AdvoLogix, navigate to the Activity History Related List of most records

Activity History Related List

Click Send An Email on the Activity History related list of a record. Or, from a case, click Send An Email or Reply from the Email related list.

Email Creation Page

Email Creation page
  1. Add desired details
    • Enter a contact, lead, or person account in the To: field. Only one name can be entered in the To: field.
      • For contacts and leads that have multiple email fields, you can select an email address.
    • Optionally, choose another record, such as an account, case, or custom object, to associate with the email.
    • Optionally, if you want other people to receive the email as primary recipients, enter email addresses in the Additional To: field, or click the Additional To: link to select individuals from a list.
      • These people do not need to be Salesforce records. Email addresses can be separated by semicolons, commas, spaces, or new lines.
    • In the CC: and BCC: fields, enter any additional email addresses, or click the CC or BCC link to select individuals from a list.
      • Email addresses can be separated by semicolons, commas, spaces, or new lines.
    • Enter a subject and body for the email, or click Select Template to choose a predefined email template. Choose a folder and select a template from the folder.
      • If necessary, you can modify the content of the template in your email; however, you cannot modify Custom templates.
  2. Choose Select template to choose from a pre-existing email template.
  3. Optionally, choose Attach File (can also use attach file section - see below)
  4. Click Send

If the recipient does not have an email address, Salesforce prompts you to edit the person’s email address and click:

  • Save Address to add the email address to the record without sending the email.
  • Save Address and Send to add the email address to the record and send the email.

Attachments Section (Optional)

Optional, Attachments Section

Click Attach File

  1. Choose location to retrieve file from
  2. Browse for file, if on your computer hard drive
  3. Attach the file to the email
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 above for additional attachments or Click DONE to save the attachments to the outgoing email.

You can attach multiple files as long as the total size of all attached files does not exceed 10 MB.

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