Editing UTBMS Code Sets

UTBMS code sets allow you to organize groups of UTBMS codes for a specific account or matter for standardized time and expense logging.

Create a New UTBMS Code Set

Create a New Rate
  1. Name - Create a name for this code set.
  2. Description - Describe the primary purpose for this code set.
  3. Account - Assign an Account (if applicable).
  4. Matter - Assign a Matter (if applicable).
  5. Active - Enable if you want this code set to be active.
  6. Default - Enable if you want this code set to be the default for the Account and/or Matter related in step 3 and 4.

Assigning an account or a matter to a UTBMS code set will make that particular code set available for timekeeping/expense logging limited to the assigned matter and/or account.  A UTBMS code set without any account or matter assignment is termed global in the sense that it can be used with any matter or account when logging time or expenses.