AdvoLogix Matter ManagementApplication GuideCalendars | Planning Activity PlansCan the Activity Plan Start Date be modified later?

Can the Activity Plan Start Date be modified later?

When an Activity Plan is originally created the Start Date provides the basis for scheduling the associated Activities, before or after the Start Date. In most cases the Start Date can be modified. Which in turn automatically reschedules the Activities associated with the Activity Plan. The following decision tree illustrates the logic involved with this process.

(new in 1.5.2)

Follow the answers to the decision tree questions to their final outcome. When the Start Date cannot be modified the entry field will be read only.

What determines if an Activity is complete?

  • A Task activity is considered Complete when the Task Status value is "Completed". 

  • An Event activity is considered Complete when the Date of the Event is in the past, relative to the current date. Time is not factored into the determination.