How do I add the AdvoLogix Gantt to a Lightning page?

The AdvoLogix Gantt is available from the component palette in the Lightning page editor and is suitable for deploying to any record page that supports activities.

Deployment Use Cases

The AdvoLogix Gantt is designed for use within Lightning record pages. The primary use case for the component is within the context of a given Matter; however, the component may also be deployed for any object that supports activities.

Deployment Options

The Gantt is available under the Custom - Managed section of the page designer's component palette. There are three options available for this component: 

  1. Identifier - Use a unique identifier to identify this component on the Lightning page. The Gantt can be deployed multiple times on the same page layout. This option provides each instance of the Gantt a unique set of run-time options.
  2. Header Title - Optionally display a title above the Gantt .
  3. Display Activity Owners - Optionally display activity owners for each activity as a picture icon.