Using the AdvoLogix Gantt View

The drag and drop nature of the Gantt interface improves user productivity by allowing quick changes to activity dates using the techniques described in this article.

1. AdvoLogix Gantt View Toolbar Options

The toolbar allows users to navigate through the current time frame,  adjust the display mode and select a variety of filter options. 

  1. The navigation icons allow users to quickly navigate the time frame displayed within the Gantt. 
  2. The display mode icon allows users to select different viewing options.
  3. The filter icon allows users to select from a variety of filter options.
  4. The refresh button allows users to quickly refresh the Gantt and get the latest activities.

1.1. Display Options

The 'Display As' option menu allows users to view the Gantt by the day distributed or the week distributed format.

  1. View by Day - allows users to visualize the Gantt by showing each day within the navigation period. This is the default view that the AdvoLogix Gantt initially loads in.
  2. View by Week - combines all the days within a week to a single column within the navigation period. This view is preferred for visualizing the activity distribution load for the whole week.

Activities, when interacted with using drag and drop in the View by Week display mode, are updated in seven day periods.

1.2. Filter Menu

  1. Items To Show - allow users to dynamically select the type(s) of items to display in the Gantt.

  2. Limit Items by Assigned Matter - displays activities from related Matters when enabled.

  3. Show Only
    1. My Activities - will filter and show activities that are assigned to the logged in user only.
    2. Incomplete Tasks - will filter and show Tasks that have not been completed yet.

2. Working With the Activity Items

  1. Grab the individual Activities where this pointer is shown to drag-and-drop the Activity along the Gantt.

  2. To Resize an Activity to a certain time period, grab these handles and extend to the left or right to update the Activity time period.

  3. Click to open the Activity context menu.

  4. The Edit context menu action allows editing of the Activity.

  5. The Delete context menu action allows deleting of the Activity.

Resize and the drag-and-drop functions are available only to items that supports multi-day Activities.

Multi-day Activity support within the AdvoLogix Gantt:

  • Tasks support multi-day visualization using the Start Date and Due Date fields.
  • Events support multi-day visualization using the Start and End fields.
  • Key Dates do not support multi-day visualization and the resize operation is disabled.