Related Files Lightning Component⚡

The Related Files Lightning component is functionally equivalent with the classic Files and Content panel. As a Lightning component the functionality is extended and described below.

1.1. Deployment Use Cases

The AdvoLogix Related Files component is designed for use within Lightning record pages. The primary use case for the component is within the context of a given matter; however, the component may also be deployed for any object that supports Salesforce Files.

It is important to note, this component only supports the use of Files (not Content) when using the component on objects other than the AdvoLogix Matter.

1.2. Deployment Options

  • Header Title: optionally display a title above the Kanban.

  • Show Libraries or Tags or Topics: determines whether Tags or Libraries or Topics will be used to display and/or filter within the component. For those organizations using Content, Libraries is the default choice.

  • Show Files From: by default the component displays Files (and/or Content) related to the underlying record. This option allows page designers the ability to display Files related to records which are related to the underlying record. 

For example, when using the component on the Matter page, choosing Expenses would display Files related to Expenses for those Expenses which are related to the underlying Matter.