The Files & Content Panel (legacy)

The Files and Content panel offers access to a rich set of document management functionality. 

  • Easily upload new file versions with instant access to version history.
  • Use our new sidebar quick filtering options to quickly find what you're looking for. 
  • Need to manage a larger set of files, quickly zoom to full page view.

What file operations are available?

  1. Click the icon to quickly preview a document..

  2. Clicking the title will open the classic Salesforce file dialog.

  3. The file context menu provides access to the following functionality.
    • Edit the document properties.
    • View the file details (same as clicking Title)
    • Download the file
    • Upload a new version of the file
    • Preview the file (same as clicking icon)
    • View the file's version history
    • Delete the file from the system
    • Manage the file sharing options

Use the checkbox adjacent to the file's title to select multiple to download. Selected files will be packaged in a single ZIP.

How does the sidebar filter work?

How does the sidebar filter work?


  1. The content filters are simple and intuitive. By default, everything is selected. To select one or more items simply select the checkbox next to the items name.

  2. Use search titles to quickly find the title of one or more documents matching your search criteria. 

When Content has been enabled (in AdvoLogix Setup), the Tags filter and list column will be replaced with Libraries.

How can I see more files?

How can I see more files?
  1. Use the Show more options to display more files in the panel.

  2. Selecting the Go to list option displays a full page of files. This option also exposes additional sidebar filter metrics and is capable of displaying a large number of files.