Viewing Matters

Selecting the Matters Tab brings you to the 'Matters Tab home page'.  The Accounts tab displays a home page that lets you quickly create and locate all types of Accounts.

Choosing a Matter List View

Choosing A Matter List View

1. Select a Matters view from drop-down, to navigate to the different Matters List Views.

2. Alternately, choose New Matter

3. Alternately, choose Change Owner

4. Alternately, choose Mass Update

5. Alternately, choose Batch Invoice


Matter Related List Links

* Hover over the links at the top of a detail page to display the corresponding related list and its records.

An interactive overlay allows you to quickly view and manage the related list items.

Click a hover link to jump to the content of the related list.

Hover over any lookup field on the detail page to view key information about a record before clicking into that record's detail page.

To directly add new items, click New (or the equivalent button) at the top of a related list. For example, to add a task to the Open Activities related list, click New Task

* To change the number of records shown for related lists, click View More below a related list, or click fewer or more at the bottom of the page.

Matter Detail Page

Matter Detail Page

Matter Edit Page

Matter Edit Page