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Working with the Intake Form URL API

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AdvoLogix intake forms may be invoked for data entry using the URL API. The URL API is capable of supporting a wide variety of use cases and is considered a common method for launching intakes.

Launching an Intake with the URL API

The graphic illustrated above signifies the URL components for launching a specific intake form. The URL parameters are defined as follows:

  1. The organization's custom "my domain" name.
  2. A static value that will usually be 
  3. The formID parameter represents the record identifier of the designated form.
  4. The formWidth parameter is an optional method for controlling the width of the form at run-time. The width may be specified in pixels or percentages.
  5. The hh parameter is an optional method that controls the visibility of the Salesforce page header. The accepted values are 0 (show header) or 1 (hide header).
  6. The submitUrl parameter is an optional method that controls what happens after the user submits the intake form. You can provide a relative URL that the user will be redirected to once the intake form has been submitted, such as a success message regarding the submission.

For Communities and Sites, please note the domain aspects of items 1 and 2 will be unique to the organization's configuration.  Please contact AdvoLogix if you need assistance determining your Sites page or Community URL.

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