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Matter Participants

Updated Jul 26, 2021

A Participant can be an account, contact, user/staff, or other related to a specific matter by the role they play in the engagement. By appropriately managing matter participants, organizations can easily identify the variety of business relationships among the entities they conduct business.

Working with Participants

Through the use of participants, matters can establish relationships to an unlimited number of accounts, contacts or staff. Participant relationships are used to establish the unique role each entity plays in their  relationship with the underlying matter. 

Adding New Participants

Participants can be added to a matter both manually and automatically in a variety of ways. 

Organizations may optionally enter a new participant as a free-form name (unvalidated). This aides in situations where a formal account or contact record is not needed. To utilize this participant type simply select Other as the record type when creating a new participant. 

Viewing Participants

From the Matter Perspective

There are many ways to view and interact with participants. The most prominent way to interact with participants is from the underlying matter to which they are related to. The participant related list on the matter page layout displays all participants related to the underlying matter. Participants may be viewed, edited or deleted from this list.

From the Entity Perspective

In addition to viewing participants related to a given matter, entity participation can also be seen from the perspective of each participant. When working with a specific entity, users may view which matters a particular account, contact or staff have been related to. 

The Participation Map graphically explores the relationship a matter's participants might share to other matters. For example, a particular Expert on the underlying case may appear on other matters, with or without the same role.

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