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The Related Files Document Viewer lightning component is a featured component, and can be used along with the Google Drive integration within the Related Files lightning component. For more information, follow this link.

1.1. Deployment Use Cases

The AdvoLogix Related Files component is designed for use within lightning home, app and record pages. The primary use case for the component is within the context of a given matter; however, the component may also be deployed to any lightning page.

1.2. Deployment Options

  • Identifier: Use a unique identifier to identify this component on the lightning page. The Document Viewer can be deployed multiple times on the same page layout. This option provides each instance of the component a unique set of run-time options.
  • URL Field: Optionally, select a field to store the URL of the document that the user selects to display within the component.
  • URL of your document: Optionally, provide the URL of the document to be loaded in the component.
  • Height of the document viewer (in pixels): Provide the height of the document viewer component.

2. Using the Related Files Document Viewer

Document Viewer lightning component presently only support Google's native documents - Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides.

Each instance of the component can be bound to a single document. 

  • If the URL Field is provided in the component deployment options, then once a user has chosen a document to be viewed in the component, AdvoLogix will save that document's URL in that field, and this gives the option for users to bind different documents to different records.
  • If the URL Field is left empty and the URL of the document is provided in the component deployment options, then AdvoLogix will load the same document for all records this component is visible on.

Navigating the functions available within the component:

  1. Choose Document - Allows users to browse the Google Drive and select a document within the component.
    • If the URL Field is provided in the component deployment options, then the selected document's URL will be saved in the URL field.
  2. Open in Google Drive - Allows users to open the document in Google Drive in a new browser tab.
  3. Zoom Out - Navigates user to the full-view mode of the document.
  4. Close- Close the currently selected document.
    • If the URL Field is provided in the component deployment options, then the field's value will be cleared out on this action.
  5. Document Viewer - Provides the preview of the selected document.

To enable the Google Drive integration within your organization please contact [email protected].

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