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Viewing or Editing UTBMS Code Sets

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UTBMS code sets allow you to organize groups of UTBMS codes for a specific matter for standardized time and expense logging.

Create a New UTBMS Code Set

  1. Name - Create a name for this code set.
  2. Description - Describe the primary purpose for this code set.
  3. Active - Enable to activate this code set.

Assigning a matter to a UTBMS code set will make that particular code set available for timekeeping/expense logging limited to the assigned matter. A UTBMS code set without any matter assignment is termed global in the sense that it can be used with any matter when logging time or expenses.

The following UTBMS Code Set fields - Account, Matter and Default - are considered deprecated from AdvoLogix Matter Management package version 1.142.x onwards. 

There is now a better way to associate any UTBMS Code Set with a matter and mark it as default. Read on how to associate a UTBMS Code Set to a matter here.

Associating a UTBMS Code Set to UTBMS Codes and Matters

The UTBMS Code Set view screen is divided into multiple sections, where you would be able to see the basic details of the code set, list of code set members, and code set relations.

  • Details Information - This section allows users to see basic information about the UTBMS Code Set such as Name, Description and whether the code set is active or not.
  • Matter UTBMS Code Sets Related List - This related list contains a list of all code sets associated with a matter or whether it is default for it. To assign the code set to any matter, use the New button on this related list.
  • UTBMS Code Set Members Related List - This related list contains a list of all UTBMS Codes associated with the code set. To add any code to the code set, use the New button on this related list.
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