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Editing UTBMS Codes


UTBMS codes allow you to create itemized prices for specific or ad hoc chargeable items such as expenses or fixed fee items.

Pricing information on UTBMS Codes affect how default rates are evaluated when entering time. For more details, see Setting Up Default Rates.

Types of UTBMS Codes

UTBMS codes are categorized using the following record types within AdvoLogix:

  • Task Code: A granular description of the service provided by that area of law.
  • Activity Code: Identify the specific service performed.  For example: I wrote something, I spoke with someone, or I researched something.
  • Expense Code: Created to categorize expenses on matters.

Editing the UTBMS Code

  • Code - Enter the code associated with the UTBMS Code.
  • Name - Create a name for this code that briefly describes it.
  • Description - Describe the primary purpose for this code.
  • UTBMS Code Set - Assign a code set to which you may want to associate this code (would assist filter down to specific codes when entering time/expenses).
  • Type - Select fixed or unit.
  • Cost - Enter an amount you know is going to cost your organization to perform this activity.
  • Price - Enter an amount you would like to charge when entering time.
  • Active - Enable if you want this code to be active.
  • Phase - Enable if you want this code to be identified and used as a phase.
  • Phase Code - Assign this code to a phase (normally, phases are identified and split into smaller sub-tasks assigned to specific codes).
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