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Introduction to the Enhanced Lists⚡Component

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The Enhanced List component allows users to display a list of objects with the ability to add or edit records quickly within the list. All custom objects and some standard objects are supported.

Enhanced List is available only in Lightning Experience ⚡.

Lightning Page Component

The Enhanced List component can be used in various lightning contexts, which includes placing and using the component on a:

  • Lightning Home Page
  • Lightning Record Page
  • Lightning App Page
  • Lightning Utility Bar
  • Lightning Communities

Functional Overview

The Enhanced List can function as a:

  • List view of records when placed on a Home Page or an App Page.  
  • Related List when placed on a Record Page, using the parent record as the context of the Related List.
  • Batch Entry tool on any Lightning Page. 

This component supports inline editing and search with advanced filtering techniques, which will be described later in this chapter.

The Enhanced List has a built-in List Builder, which is available to the logged-in users only. Using the List Builder, any list can be customized to create an Enhanced List with custom columns and the ability to mark fields required, as well as create advanced filters.

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