Participant List Component

This component is an optional inline Visualforce panel for Matter, Account and Contact page layouts and is distinctly different from the standard platform's related list. 

What can I do with the Participant List on the page layout?

This component is a direct replacement for the Participant related list and is useful for dynamically filtering the Participant list. In addition to the filtering capabilities the user can quickly add new Participants or jump to the Participation Map. 

How do I add the Participant List component to the page layout?

Administrators can add this component to the Matter, Account or page layouts using the Visualforce Pages section of the page layout editor. The component name is Matter Participants, Account Participants or Contact Participants.

Jump to the Participation Map

Use the map icon to launch the Participation Map for the current Matter. Your existing filter settings will also be applied in the map display.

Filter the List of Participants

Use the filter icon to dynamically select specific Participant Type and/or Participant Roles to display in the list.

Create New Participants

Use the New button to create a new Participant or invoke the Participant batch add dialog.