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A Participant can be an account, contact, user/staff, or other related to a specific Matter.  This setup area allows organizations to customize when (and if) Participants are automatically created based on lookup fields on the Matter. Additional options also allow organizations to customize Participants with additional record types within the four base Participant types (account, contact, user and other).

Choosing Lookup Fields to Designate as Participants

When a lookup field has been enabled for Participant automation, AdvoLogix will automatically monitor for changes to the lookup field's value. 

  1. Designate all lookup fields by default? (click [change] to edit)

    When enabled this option will designate all Accounts, Contact and User lookups as Participants. Disabled is legacy default behavior.

  2. Auto-remove Participants on lookup value change? (click [change] to edit)

    When enabled, this option allows AdvoLogix to automatically remove the Participant when the lookup field changes.

  3. Select specific Account, Contact and User lookup fields.

    When enabled, on a field by field basis, will assign the selected field as a participant. When a lookup field has been enabled to create Participants organizations may choose the default Participant record type to be used for the Participant.

Theory of Operation for Automated Participant Creation

  • When a change occurs to the value of the lookup field, a new Participant is added for the corresponding entity. A previously empty lookup field qualifies as a change in value.

  • When option #2 (above) is enabled, Participants can be automatically removed from the Matter when the lookup value changes. For example, when the lookup is changed from Entity A to Entity B, Entity B will be added as a new Participant and Entity A will be removed as a Participant. When option #2 is not enabled, Entity A is not automatically removed but can be manually removed from the Participant list at any time.

  • The lookup field's field label is used as the Role for the Participant.

Custom Participant Record Types

The Participant management system supports the ability to add custom Participant record types. This allows organizations more granularity to control the categorization and meta-data collected for their Participants. All aspects of the AdvoLogix Participant management system (Participation Map, Batch Participant Entry, etc.) support this functionality.

4. Add New Mapping

Use this area to add custom Participant record types.

  • Base Type: Designates the underlying base type of record, options include Account, Contact, User and Other.

  • Record Type: Choose your organization's custom record type.

  • Field Set: Designate the field set used for the custom record type. Field sets allow your organization to add custom data entry fields to the Participant record.

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