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Intake Launcher Lightning Component


The Intake Launcher component allows administrators to provide the ability to quickly launch an intake form from their home page, utility bar or Lightning Application page.

Component Options

  • Allow Collapsible Display

    This option allows the Launcher component to be expanded or contracted from full display to a single line using an accordion style user experience.

  • Default Base Object

    The intake launcher displays forms based on the underlying base object the form was designed for. This option allows administrators the ability to establish the default base object when the launcher is invoked. When used in conjunction with the next option (Allow User to Select Base Object) administrators can limit the end users to forms assigned to a specific base object.

  • Allow User to Select Base Object

    This option allows the end user to filter the intake forms based on the underlying base object the form was designed for.

How do I add the Intake Launcher component to a Lightning page?

The Intake Launcher component is available from the component palette in the Lightning page editor when modifying a Lightning page. The component is also available from the application's utility bar designer.

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