Libraries: How to Create a Library & Add Members

Libraries determine who can access documents, and workspace permissions determine who can do what to those documents.  Adding a new Library includes:

  • creating the Library name and description
  • adding members to the Library
  • assigning Library permissions that determine each member's privileges within the Library

Step 1: Create a New Library

Step 1: Creating a New Library

   Click New in the My Libraries section of the Libraries tab home page.


Enter a name for the Library. (Each Library in your organization must have a unique name.)

   Optionally, enter a description for the Library.


Click the Save and Add Members button

~OR~  if you want to add members later,

Click the Save and Close button.

Step 2: Adding Library Members

   If you do not immediately see the member you want to add, enter keywords in the search box and click Find.

   1. Select members from the Available Members box. Members can include individual Salesforce CRM Content users or public groups containing Content users.

       * Tip:  If you have a large number of users, create a public group and add the group to a workspace rather than adding users to the Library individually.

  2.  Click Add to add the members to the Library.

  3. Observe chosen members

  4. Click Next.


Step 3: Assigning Library Permissions to Members

Step 3: Assigning Library Permissions to Members

Select a Library permission for each user or public group

Click Save.

Library Membership addition Confirmation

Library Membership addition Confirmation