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What options are available for working with calendars?

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AdvoLogix provides several opportunities for users to experience Activity information in unique ways.   AdvoLogix expands upon the standard Daily, Weekly, and Monthly personal and group calendars with Matter Management capabilities. The following introduction should help your organization choose the best way to exploit the options.

Personal Calendars

The Personal Calendar can display the logged-in user's Calendar and open Tasks. The potential exists to display other user's Calendars and detailed Activity lists (within the confines of user access). Personal Calendars provide the following functionality.

  • Home page components display upcoming Events and open Tasks.
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly views and reports (printable views).
  • Multi-User Calendar to work with selected colleagues' shared calendars. The view includes the ability to create filtered views to display specific types of information in this view mode.
  • Activities list view allows users to work with Activities in a tabular list format.

The Matter Calendar

The AdvoLogix Matter Calendar displays the Matter schedule in a traditional monthly calendar format. Scheduled activities and key matter dates are displayed and available for edit. The Matter Calendar is distinguished from the personal calendar in many ways:

  1. The Matter Calendar merges and displays shared personal calendars within the organization.
  2. In addition to activities (Tasks & Events) the Matter Calendar also displays Key Dates from the Matter record.
  3. In addition to activities (Tasks & Events) the Matter Calendar may also displays Time entries.
  4. The Matter Calendar can be displayed on the Matter page layout. From this context, the Matter Calendar will display items specifically related to a given Matter.
  5. The Matter Calendar is available in the Salesforce mobile application and fully functional when using a tablet or phone device.
  6. The Matter Calendar can be displayed in the client portal.

The Matter Gantt

The AdvoLogix Matter Gantt displays the Matter schedule in a tabular format that includes a perpetual horizontal timeline in bar format across the top of the display. Scheduled activities and key matter dates are displayed and available for edit. Otherwise, the Matter Calendar Gantt has the same characteristics as the Matter Calendar with the following exceptions:

  1. The Matter Gantt does not display Time Entries.
  2. The Matter Gantt is not currently supported by the Salesforce mobile application.
  3. The Matter Gantt is not designed for use within the client portal.


In addition to the printable views available from the various Calendar views, Activity reports can be created for a wide variety of use cases. In fact, AdvoLogix has provided several pre-packaged Activity reports that can be used as jumping off points for your report ideas. These reports can be found in the AdvoLogix Activity Reports folder.

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