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Integrating AdvoLogix with Outlook

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This article introduces common solutions for integrating Microsoft Outlook with AdvoLogix. The following use cases are addressed by this article:

  1.  Synchronize Outlook Calendar, Tasks and or Contacts with AdvoLogix
  2.  Archive Email from Outlook to a Matter in AdvoLogix.
  3.  Display contextual information from AdvoLogix in an Outlook sidebar.

1. Vetting Your Use Cases

1.1. Synchronizing Calendars and Contacts

Given the nature of a cloud-to-cloud synchronization model, organizations meeting the prerequisites for Lightning Sync for Outlook will find this solution highly desirable. 

1.2. Archiving Email to AdvoLogix

  • LinkPoint Connect for AdvoLogix is considered the best approach to quickly save an inbound Email from Outlook to a specific Contact and Matter in AdvoLogix.

  • Document Management Systems (DMS) often offer a more robust Email archiving strategy.  Examples of this include NetDocuments and Worldox, both of which can be integrated with AdvoLogix.

  • The current versions of Salesforce for Outlook and Lightning for Outlook allow saving email to a recent Matter or searching for and saving to a Matter (or other object).

1.3. Context Sidebar in Outlook

  • The LinkPoint Connect for AdvoLogix sidebar is designed to integrate with Matters via the Contacts and Accounts in your Matter Participants. For example, the sidebar will show the Matters the current email Contact is related to.

  • Salesforce for Outlook and Lightning for Outlook display related Account and Contact information from within the context of the selected item Outlook.

2. Integration Solutions

2.1. Native Lightning Sync (Exchange Server)

Free from

  • No software installation on the client computer is required.
  • Centralized user management within the platform.
  • Synchronizes Contacts and Events in both directions.
  • Compliments the Lightning for Outlook sidebar panel.

Product Overview:

2.2. Lightning for Outlook, from and Microsoft

Free integration from the Microsoft Office Store

  • Easily create new records in AdvoLogix.
  • View existing AdvoLogix related records from within Outlook.
  • Archive an email from Outlook to AdvoLogix.
  • Nothing to install on the desktop.
  • Supports Outlook web (OWA), Outlook 2016, and Outlook 2013.

Product Overview:


2.3. Salesforce for Outlook, from

Free Download from

  • Requires Exchange Server
  • Synchronizes Contacts, Events & Tasks, in both directions.
  • Each Desktop Performs a Client-side Sync
  • Supports most modern versions of Outlook.


Product Overview: 

2.4. LinkPoint Connect for AdvoLogix

$/mo/user, Free Trial

  • Synchronizes Contacts, Events & Tasks, in both directions.
  • Archives Inbound and Outbound Outlook Email to an AdvoLogix Contact and Matter.
  • Provides a context sensitive sidebar for related Matters and much more.
  • Supports most versions of Microsoft Outlook


Product Overview:

2.5. The AppExchange

In addition to the options listed here there are many more choices available on the AppExchange. Use this link to learn more:

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