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The following terminology is used for Chatter:

  1. Chatter Feed - A list of recent activities in Salesforce. Chatter feeds display:
    1. On the Home tab, where you can see your updates, status updates of people you follow, and updates to records you follow and groups you're a member of
    2. On profiles, where you can see updates made by the person whose profile you're viewing
    3. On records, where you can see updates to the record you're viewing
    4. On Chatter groups, where you can see updates to the group you're viewing
  2. Chatter Group - Chatter groups let you share information with specific people. For example, if you're working on a project and want to share information only with your team members, you can create a Chatter group for your team. Chatter groups include a list of members, a Chatter feed, and a photo. You can create the following types of Chatter groups:
    1. Public: Anyone can see the group's updates, but only members can post updates.  Anyone can join a public group.
    2. Private: Only members can see and post updates. The group's owner or managers must add members.
  3. Comment: Chatter - A reply to an update in a Chatter feed.
  4. Feed Attachment: Chatter - A feed attachment is a file or link that is attached to a post in a Chatter feed.
  5. Feed Tracking: Chatter - Administrator settings that determine which records can be followed and which fields can be tracked in Chatter feeds. Enabling an object for feed tracking allows people to follow records of that object type. Enabling fields for feed tracking allows users to see updates on the Chatter feed on the Home tab when those fields are changed on records they follow.
  6. File Owner -  You own a file in Chatter when you:
    1. Upload a file on the Files tab
    2. Attach a file to a feed in Chatter
    3. Upload a file in Salesforce CRM Content
  7. File: Private - A private file in Chatter is indicated by the private icon (file lock) and is only available to the file owner and isn't shared with anyone. A private file is created when you upload a file on the Files tab or contribute a file to a Salesforce CRM Content personal workspace. You own files you upload or contribute.
  8. File: Privately Shared - A privately shared file in Chatter is indicated by the privately shared icon (Privately Shared) and is only available to the file owner and the specific people it has been shared with.
  9. File: Your Company - A file shared with your company in Chatter is indicated by the your company icon (Company-wide) and is available to all Chatter users in your company. All Chatter users in your company can find and view this file.
  10. File Viewer - Users with the viewer permission can view, download, and share files in Chatter.
  11. Files Tab - A tab that lists a user's Chatter and Salesforce CRM Content files.
  12. Follow - A subscription to a user or record that lets you see related updates in your Chatter feed on the Home tab. Follow a user to see status updates. Follow a record to see posts, comments, and field changes.
  13. People - Users in your Salesforce organization. A list of people is available on the People tab in Chatter.
  14. Post - A top-level comment in a Chatter feed.
  15. Profile: Chatter - A personal page for each Salesforce user that includes contact information, following and followers lists, a Chatter feed, and a photo.
  16. Record Update - An update in a Chatter feed that is the result of a field change on a record that is being followed.
  17. Status Update - An update made by posting to the Chatter feed on your profile or Home tab, usually to tell other people what you're working on. Your status update displays on your Home tab, on your profile, and in the Chatter feeds of people following you.
  18. Unfollow - To stop following a user or record and stop seeing their updates in your Chatter feed on the Home tab.
  19. Update - A single activity that displays in a Chatter feed, such as a status update, post, or field change.
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