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How do I use the People tab?

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The People tab displays a list of the users in your organization. The Chatter, Profile, People, Groups, and Files tabs are available by default in the Chatter app.   Select this app from the app menu in the top right corner of any page. If your administrator has added these tabs to other apps, you'll see the tabs in those apps unless you previously customized your display. In that case, you'll need to add the tabs to those apps.

On the People tab:

  • Search for users by typing characters of a first or last name in the search box at the top of the page. The list will automatically filter based on what you type.
  • Click a person's name or photo to view his or her profile.
  • Click Follow to see a person's status updates in the Chatter feed on the Home tab and Chatter tab.
  • Click Following to stop seeing a person's status updates in the Chatter feed.
  • Invite people to join your Chatter network. Invited users can view profiles, post on their feed, and join groups but can't see your Salesforce data or records.
  • View the people that Chatter recommends you follow. Click More in the Recommended People section to view all of your recommendations. If no recommendations appear, then you're already following all the recommended people.

For Additional Details SEE's: Following People and Records

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