AdvoLogix Matter Management

Record Owner Change


The Record owner is the user who owners the record.  By default record owner is the user who created the record.  A record owner, or any user above the owner in the role hierarchy, can transfer a single record to another user.

Change the Record Owner

To change the owner of a record:

Click Change next to the Owner field.  The Change link displays only on the detail page, not the edit page. (If you do not see the Change link, you do not have permissions to change ownership.)

Select New Owner Page

Select New Owner page
  1. Enter the Owner (name of the user or queue to which you would like to transfer the record. 
  2. Alternately, Select the Send Notification Email checkbox to notify the new owner. (The From email address displayed in the notification is your return email address as set in the Email Address field of your email settings.)
  3. Click Save
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