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Viewing Items in the Recycle Bin


Choose My recycle bin from the drop-down list to view just the items you deleted. Administrators, and users with the “Modify All Data” permission, can choose All recycle bin to view all data that has been deleted for the entire organization. In Personal Edition, the All recycle bin option shows all of your deleted items.

The Recycle Bin link in the sidebar lets you view and restore recently deleted records for 15 days before they are permanently deleted.

Your recycle bin record limit is 25 times the Megabytes (MBs) in your storage.
~ For example, if your organization has 1 GB of storage then your limit is 25 times 1000 MB or 25,000 records.
** If your organization reaches its Recycle Bin limit, there is an automatically removal of the oldest records if they have been in the Recycle Bin for at least two hours.

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