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What is the Activity History Related List?


The Activity History related list of a record displays all completed tasks, logged phone calls, saved interaction logs, expired events, outbound email, mass email, email added from Microsoft Outlook®, and merged documents for the record and its associated records.

Older activities are archived according to these conditions:

  • Events with a create date greater than 365 days old
  • Closed tasks with a due date greater than 365 days old
  • Closed tasks without a due date that were created more than 365 days ago

Additional considerations for activity archiving:

  • Archiving occurs weekly at approximately 5:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on Saturday.
  • Archived activities can be viewed only in export files, printable view, or by clicking View All on the Activity History related list. 
  • Administrators can delete archived activities using Mass Delete.
  • Archived tasks are not included in reports. However, you can report on open or completed tasks.
  • Archived activities are accessible in Advanced Search and Global Search only
Activity History Related List

The Activity History related list, on any record that has one (Accounts, Contacts, Matters, Etc.) can be viewed or modified.  From the Activity History related list:

  1. Choose Edit next to the Activity you choose to modify.
  2. Click on the Subject of the Activity you want to view.
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