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How do I assign company provided or third-party email?

Updated Aug 22, 2017

If you use a company-provided or third-party email account, you can use Email to Salesforce to assign emails to the Activity History related list on lead, contact, opportunity, and other records in Salesforce. When composing, forwarding, or replying to email, simply enter your Email to Salesforce address in the BCC field. Salesforce receives a copy of the email and, depending on your configuration, adds it to the Activity History related list of the matching records.

Navigate to Setup

In the upper right hand corner of your Advologix screen Click Name >> Setup

Click Edit.

Select the Active checkbox.

Optionally, select the Advanced Email Security Settings checkbox to configure Email to Salesforce to verify the legitimacy of the sending server before processing a message.

Email to Salesforce uses the following authentication protocols to verify the sender's legitimacy:

  • SPF
  • SenderId
  • DomainKey

If the sending server passes at least one of these protocols and does not fail any, Email to Salesforce accepts the email. If the server fails a protocol or does not support any of the protocols, Email to Salesforce ignores the email.

Click Save.

Optionally, click Send Notification Email to notify users that Email to Salesforce is activated, or click Skip This Step.

After enabling Email to Salesforce, Salesforce creates a unique Email to Salesforce address for each user. Users can click Setup >> Email >> My Email to Salesforce to view their unique Email to Salesforce address and customize their settings.  

See's Documentation

Dev/Trial Users: Enabling Email to Salesforce

Active Users:  Enabling Email to Salesforce

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