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The AdvoLogix permission sets allow organizations to quickly assign access to AdvoLogix functionality to individual users within their organization.

The following table lists the permissions established within the two permissions sets shipped with AdvoLogix.  These permission sets can be assigned to users based on two personas; Admin or standard User.

Permission Label Permission Name (API Name) AdvoLogix Admin AdvoLogix User
Namespace Prefix NamespacePrefix advpm advpm
Permission Set Label Label AdvoLogix Admin AdvoLogix User
Permission Set Name Name AdvoLogixAdmin AdvoLogixUser
Description Description Default Permission Set for the AdvoLogix Admins Default Permission Set for the AdvoLogix Users
Session Activation Required HasActivationRequired FALSE FALSE
Access Community Management AccessCMC TRUE FALSE
Activate Contracts ActivateContract FALSE FALSE
Access Activities ActivitiesAccess TRUE TRUE
Add People to Direct Messages AddDirectMessageMembers TRUE FALSE
Lightning Login User AllowLightningLogin TRUE TRUE
Knowledge One AllowUniversalSearch FALSE FALSE
View and Edit Converted Leads AllowViewEditConvertedLeads FALSE FALSE
Allow View Knowledge AllowViewKnowledge FALSE FALSE
Apex REST Services ApexRestServices TRUE TRUE
API Enabled ApiEnabled TRUE TRUE
Assign Permission Sets Assignets TRUE FALSE
Assign Topics AssignTopics TRUE TRUE
Author Apex AuthorApex TRUE FALSE
Bulk API Hard Delete BulkApiHardDelete FALSE FALSE
Run Macros on Multiple Records BulkMacrosAllowed FALSE FALSE
Campaign Influence CampaignInfluence2 FALSE FALSE
Can Approve Feed Post and Comment CanApproveFeedPost TRUE TRUE
Insert System Field Values for Chatter Feeds CanInsertFeedSystemFields FALSE FALSE
Drag-and-Drop Dashboard Builder CanUseNewDashboardBuilder TRUE TRUE
Verify Answers to Chatter Questions CanVerifyComment FALSE FALSE
Change Dashboard Colors ChangeDashboardColors TRUE TRUE
Allow Inclusion of Code Snippets from UI ChatterComposeUiCodesnippet TRUE TRUE
Edit My Own Posts ChatterEditOwnPost TRUE TRUE
Edit Posts on Records I Own ChatterEditOwnRecordPost TRUE TRUE
Create Public Links ChatterFileLink FALSE FALSE
Chatter Internal User ChatterInternalUser TRUE FALSE
Invite Customers To Chatter ChatterInviteExternalUsers TRUE FALSE
Create and Own New Chatter Groups ChatterOwnGroups TRUE FALSE
Close Conversation Threads CloseConversations TRUE FALSE
Configure Custom Recommendations ConfigCustomRecs TRUE FALSE
Connect Organization to Environment Hub ConnectOrgToEnvironmentHub TRUE FALSE
Manage Salesforce CRM Content ContentAdministrator TRUE TRUE
Files Connect On-premises ContentHubOnPremiseUser FALSE FALSE
Files Connect Cloud ContentHubUser FALSE FALSE
Access Libraries ContentWorkspaces TRUE TRUE
Convert Leads ConvertLeads FALSE FALSE
Create and Customize List Views CreateCustomizeFilters TRUE TRUE
Create Folders for Lightning Email Templates CreateLtngTempFolder TRUE TRUE
Manage Public Lightning Email Templates CreateLtngTempInPub TRUE FALSE
Create AppExchange Packages CreatePackaging FALSE FALSE
Create Topics CreateTopics TRUE FALSE
Create Libraries CreateWorkspaces TRUE TRUE
Access Custom Mobile Apps CustomMobileAppsAccess FALSE TRUE
Customize Application CustomizeApplication TRUE TRUE
Weekly Data Export DataExport TRUE FALSE
Delegated External User Administrator DelegatedPortalUserAdmin FALSE FALSE
Manage Two-Factor Authentication in User Interface DelegatedTwoFactor TRUE FALSE
Delete Activated Contracts DeleteActivatedContract FALSE FALSE
Delete Topics DeleteTopics TRUE FALSE
Create Content Deliveries DistributeFromPersWksp TRUE FALSE
Manage Letterheads EditBrandTemplates TRUE FALSE
Edit Case Comments EditCaseComments FALSE FALSE
Edit Events EditEvent TRUE TRUE
Edit HTML Templates EditHtmlTemplates TRUE TRUE
Manage Articles EditKnowledge FALSE FALSE
Edit Opportunity Product Sales Price EditOppLineItemUnitPrice FALSE FALSE
Manage Public Documents EditPublicDocuments TRUE FALSE
Manage Public List Views EditPublicFilters TRUE FALSE
Manage Public Reports EditPublicReports TRUE FALSE
Manage Public Classic Email Templates EditPublicTemplates TRUE FALSE
Edit Read Only Fields EditReadonlyFields FALSE FALSE
Create and Customize Reports EditReports TRUE TRUE
Edit Tasks EditTask TRUE TRUE
Edit Topics EditTopics TRUE TRUE
Allows a user to access Einstein Assistant. EinsteinAssistantUser FALSE FALSE
Email Administration EmailAdministration FALSE FALSE
Mass Email EmailMass TRUE TRUE
Send Email EmailSingle TRUE TRUE
Manage Email Templates EmailTemplateManagement FALSE FALSE
Show App Launcher in Communities EnableCommunityAppLauncher FALSE FALSE
Send Outbound Messages EnableNotifications FALSE FALSE
Enable SOS Licenses EnableSOS FALSE FALSE
Export Reports ExportReport TRUE TRUE
Pin Posts in Feeds FeedPinning TRUE TRUE
Require Flow User Feature License FlowUFLRequired FALSE FALSE
Two-Factor Authentication for User Interface Logins ForceTwoFactor FALSE FALSE
Give Recognition Badges in Lightning Communities GiveRecognitionBadge FALSE FALSE
Manage Communities GovernNetworks TRUE FALSE
User Has Unlimited Next Best Action Strategy Executions HasUnlimitedNBAExecutions FALSE FALSE
Hide the Seen By List HideReadByList FALSE FALSE
Use Identity Connect IdentityConnect FALSE FALSE
Use Identity Features IdentityEnabled FALSE FALSE
Import Custom Objects ImportCustomObjects TRUE TRUE
Import Leads ImportLeads FALSE FALSE
Import Personal Contacts ImportPersonal FALSE FALSE
Download AppExchange Packages InstallPackaging FALSE FALSE
Lightning Console User LightningConsoleAllowedForUser FALSE FALSE
Lightning Experience User LightningExperienceUser TRUE TRUE
Lightning on Mobile LightningOnMobile TRUE TRUE
Allow sending of List Emails ListEmailSend TRUE TRUE
Remain in Salesforce Classic LtngPromoReserved01UserPerm FALSE FALSE
Manage Reporting Snapshots ManageAnalyticSnapshots TRUE FALSE
Manage Auth. Providers ManageAuthProviders FALSE FALSE
Manage Business Hours Holidays ManageBusinessHourHolidays FALSE FALSE
Manage Call Centers ManageCallCenters FALSE FALSE
Manage Cases ManageCases FALSE FALSE
Manage Categories ManageCategories FALSE FALSE
Manage Certificates ManageCertificates FALSE FALSE
Manage Chatter Messages and Direct Messages ManageChatterMessages FALSE FALSE
Manage Content ManageContent TRUE TRUE
Manage Content Properties ManageContentProperties TRUE TRUE
Manage record types and layouts for Files ManageContentTypes TRUE TRUE
Manage Customer Users ManageCssUsers FALSE FALSE
Manage Custom ManageCustom TRUE TRUE
Manage Custom Report Types ManageCustomReportTypes TRUE FALSE
Manage Dashboards ManageDashboards TRUE TRUE
Manage Data Categories ManageDataCategories FALSE FALSE
Manage Data Integrations ManageDataIntegrations FALSE FALSE
Manage Dynamic Dashboards ManageDynamicDashboards TRUE FALSE
Manage Email Client Configurations ManageEmailClientConfig TRUE FALSE
Manage Encryption Keys ManageEncryptionKeys FALSE FALSE
Manage Lightning Sync ManageExchangeConfig TRUE FALSE
Manage Health Check ManageHealthCheck TRUE FALSE
Manage Flow ManageInteraction TRUE FALSE
Manage Internal Users ManageInternalUsers TRUE FALSE
Manage IP Addresses ManageIpAddresses TRUE FALSE
Manage Salesforce Knowledge ManageKnowledge FALSE FALSE
Manage Knowledge Article Import/Export ManageKnowledgeImportExport FALSE FALSE
Manage Leads ManageLeads FALSE FALSE
Manage Login Access Policies ManageLoginAccessPolicies TRUE FALSE
Manage Mobile Configurations ManageMobile TRUE FALSE
Create and Set Up Communities ManageNetworks TRUE FALSE
Manage External Users ManagePartners FALSE FALSE
Manage Password Policies ManagePasswordPolicies TRUE FALSE
Manage Profiles and Permission Sets ManageProfilesets TRUE FALSE
Manage Next Best Action Recommendations ManagePropositions FALSE FALSE
Manage All Private Reports and Dashboards ManagePvtRptsAndDashbds FALSE FALSE
Manage Next Best Action Strategies ManageRecommendationStrategies FALSE FALSE
Manage Connected Apps ManageRemoteAccess FALSE FALSE
Manage Roles ManageRoles TRUE FALSE
Manage Promoted Search Terms ManageSearchPromotionRules FALSE FALSE
Manage Self-Service Portal ManageSelfService FALSE FALSE
Manage Session Permission Set Activations ManageSessionets FALSE FALSE
Manage Sharing ManageSharing TRUE FALSE
Manage Published Solutions ManageSolutions FALSE FALSE
Manage Surveys ManageSurveys FALSE FALSE
Manage Synonyms ManageSynonyms TRUE FALSE
Manage Two-Factor Authentication in API ManageTwoFactor FALSE FALSE
Manage Unlisted Groups ManageUnlistedGroups FALSE FALSE
Manage Users ManageUsers TRUE FALSE
Mass Edits from Lists MassInlineEdit TRUE TRUE
Merge Topics MergeTopics TRUE FALSE
Moderate Chatter ModerateChatter TRUE FALSE
Moderate Communities Feeds ModerateNetworkFeeds TRUE FALSE
Moderate Communities Files ModerateNetworkFiles TRUE FALSE
Moderate Communities Chatter Messages ModerateNetworkMessages TRUE FALSE
Moderate Community Users ModerateNetworkUsers TRUE FALSE
Modify All Data ModifyAllData FALSE FALSE
Modify Data Classification ModifyDataClassification FALSE FALSE
Modify Metadata Through Metadata API Functions ModifyMetadata TRUE FALSE
Modify Secure Agents ModifySecureAgents FALSE FALSE
Report Builder NewReportBuilder TRUE TRUE
Create and Update Second-Generation Packages Packaging2 TRUE FALSE
Password Never Expires PasswordNeverExpires FALSE FALSE
Portal Super User PortalSuperUser FALSE FALSE
Hide Option to Switch to Salesforce Classic PreventClassicExperience FALSE FALSE
Allow user to access privacy data PrivacyDataAccess FALSE FALSE
Upload AppExchange Packages PublishPackaging FALSE FALSE
Query All Files QueryAllFiles FALSE FALSE
Remove People from Direct Messages RemoveDirectMessageMembers TRUE FALSE
Reset User Passwords and Unlock Users ResetPasswords TRUE FALSE
Run Flows RunFlow TRUE TRUE
Run Reports RunReports TRUE TRUE
Sales Console SalesConsole FALSE FALSE
Schedule Reports ScheduleReports TRUE TRUE
Select Files from Salesforce SelectFilesFromSalesforce TRUE TRUE
Send announcement emails SendAnnouncementEmails TRUE FALSE
Send Stay-in-Touch Requests SendSitRequests FALSE FALSE
Share internal Knowledge articles externally ShareInternalArticles FALSE FALSE
Show Company Name as Community Role ShowCompanyNameAsUserBadge FALSE FALSE
Import Solutions SolutionImport FALSE FALSE
Manage Macros Users Can't Undo SubmitMacrosAllowed FALSE FALSE
Subscribe to Dashboards: Send to Groups and Roles SubscribeDashboardRolesGrps TRUE TRUE
Subscribe to Dashboards: Add Recipients SubscribeDashboardToOtherUsers TRUE TRUE
Subscribe to Reports: Send to Groups and Roles SubscribeReportRolesGrps TRUE TRUE
Subscribe to Reports: Add Recipients SubscribeReportToOtherUsers TRUE TRUE
Subscribe to Reports: Set Running User SubscribeReportsRunAsUser TRUE TRUE
Subscribe to Dashboards SubscribeToLightningDashboards TRUE TRUE
Subscribe to Reports SubscribeToLightningReports TRUE TRUE
Send Non-Commercial Email TransactionalEmailSend FALSE FALSE
Transfer Cases TransferAnyCase FALSE FALSE
Transfer Record TransferAnyEntity TRUE FALSE
Transfer Leads TransferAnyLead FALSE FALSE
Two-Factor Authentication for API Logins TwoFactorApi FALSE FALSE
Use Team Reassignment Wizards UseTeamReassignWizards FALSE FALSE
Allow Access to Customized Actions UseWebLink TRUE TRUE
View All Activities ViewAllActivities FALSE FALSE
View All Data ViewAllData FALSE FALSE
View All Users ViewAllUsers TRUE TRUE
View Content in Portals ViewContent FALSE FALSE
View Community 360 ViewCustomerSentiment FALSE FALSE
Access to view Data Assessment ViewDataAssessment FALSE FALSE
View Data Categories in Setup ViewDataCategories FALSE FALSE
View Data Leakage Detection Events ViewDataLeakageEvents TRUE FALSE
View Encrypted Data ViewEncryptedData FALSE FALSE
View Event Log Files ViewEventLogFiles TRUE FALSE
View Global Header ViewGlobalHeader FALSE FALSE
View Health Check ViewHealthCheck TRUE FALSE
View Help Link ViewHelpLink TRUE TRUE
View My Team's Dashboards ViewMyTeamsDashboards TRUE TRUE
View Roles and Role Hierarchy ViewRoles TRUE TRUE
View Setup and Configuration ViewSetup TRUE TRUE
Enable Calibration WorkCalibrationUser FALSE FALSE
Enable WorkDotComUserPerm FALSE FALSE

Permissions may vary based on your organization’s licensing structure.

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